Okay, so, figure skating has gotten a bad rap, what with society's increasing fascination with re-creations that are either far faster or quite a bit more furious than competitive choreographed ice skating. A mere mention of it at your local bro-core sports bar is liable to provoke such reasoned exclamations as "gay," "lame," "gayly lame" and "Please don't talk about figure skating. I'm trying to watch America's Most Nauseating Sports Injuries on the flat-screen." Now, the liberal-arts major in me is tempted to write a treatise on institutionalized homophobia as it relates to sports hierarchies, but this article is supposed to be "brief" and "entertaining," so please forgive me if I glide over some things as I try to defend this most maligned of sports to the kind of people who used to rabbit punch me during P.E. when... More >>>