I've always wondered what really drove Saddle Creek records poster boy Conor Oberst to name his own label Team Love. I mean, really? Worst. Name. Ever. But ahem, tangents aside, Tilly & the Wall's debut full-length, Wild Like Children, was the first release from Oberst's Team Obvious label. And now that that's out of the way: I've also wondered what Rilo Kiley thought when their pal Conor signed a band that kind of sounds like them (except on lots and lots of uppers)—sans the fact there's really no one star songstress in Tilly. There is, however, a tap dancer for percussion, lots of bells, a flute, fantastic sing-and-clap-along-around-the-campfire-worthy choruses, keys, and a gratuitous dosage of tambourine and the shaker. The end result is something like a delicious hybrid of a children's song hour, folk and twee pop rock—and a damned fun live... More >>>