About three-quarters of the way through Waist Deep, the hero of the piece—an indestructible ex-convict who calls himself O2 (2 Fast 2 Furious star Tyrese Gibson)—peers out through the swirling smoke and the bloody mayhem of an urban killing ground and experiences a revelation. "Somethin' ain't right," he observes. It's just about the truest moment we get in a movie where so many things ain't right that it's hard to keep up the count. Between its ridiculous lapses in dramatic logic and its ever-shifting attitudes toward men, women, and murder, this has to be one of the sloppiest crime thrillers ever to reach the screen. It's as if the co-writers—Vondie Curtis Hall (who also directed) and Darin Scott—knocked out their drafts on separate planets, then e-mailed them to a... More >>>