I have never had sex on the beach, and this is why: years ago, I was taking a quick vacation with some of my girlfriends in Mexico. Rosarita Beach. We did the things you do when you're on vacation—drank, flirted, laid out. We hadn't brought along any boyfriends with us, though we all had them. None of us seemed interested in meeting anyone, certainly not having sex with anyone. Then, the night before we were to leave, we were down on the beach, and we couldn't find one of my friends, so we split up and went looking for her. I had the misfortune of finding her having sex with this huge, hulking, completely stupid college tennis player from Ohio. We'd met him the day before and were all thoroughly underwhelmed and had never mentioned him again. So it was completely shocking to see him having sex with the "quiet" friend in the group. This was the sensible girl who always told us when something was not a good idea, and now she was doing it in the mud that stuck to her like baby poop. When I came upon them, I was horrified; in fact, at first, I thought he was beating her up. It was the first time I had seen two people having sex in person, and it was disgusting—so unromantic and animal it reminded me of something so base, like going to the bathroom. After that, it was hard to think about having sex, let alone... More >>>