Like most ethnic grocery stores, the Korean-centric HK Market functions more like a Costco, a capitalist wonderland where jewelry stands abut gumball machines and towers of bags swelling with rice are visible from the counter where a cute girl sells designer purses. But among aisles and aisles of produce, the real attraction for hunters of obscure cuisine is the food stands. At one of them, two ladies industriously roll out Korean sushi; it's wrapped in seaweed and rice like its Japanese cousins, but fattened with egg or a tofu cube. Toward the back, between the refrigerated kim chi and noodles, another lady cuts up naengmyun, the cold-but-spicy buckwheat noodles that will chill you during the hottest days of the coming summer. The butcher's counter displays live fish and bulgogi and kalbi: buy them by the pound, fire up your grill and cook. There's even a full-fledged bakery, where you can try cakes bloated with red bean, one of the world's... More >>>