Rock & roll stars: they're what every teenager with a $200 used guitar and a vivid imagination dreams of becoming when they grow up. That is, until six months later, when that $200 used guitar breaks. And then reality sets in: it's super-mega-insanely expensive to be in a band. For most kids—and by "kids," I mean "parents"—this means one thing: out with the guitar, in with life's other, super-mega-insanely expensive option, schooling. And so each May sees droves of fresh-faced wannabe rock journalists (a.k.a. "English majors") and rock photographers (a.k.a. "English majors with a camera" . . . kidding!!!) land back on their parents' couches, jobless but still with a dream: to cover that hot new band or shoot that unforgettable,... More >>>