Hey, you—rolling up in an expensive car in a nice suit, walking into my Orange electronics store at 8 Friday night. You followed your ancient wife, who began shouting about whether anyone worked here. When I asked if I could help, she said that she’d prefer “a man” to take the battery out of her shitty cordless phone and look for a replacement. While my male co-worker assisted her, you just stood there and smiled while your wife proceeded to berate everything about the way I looked, including calling me fat. She failed to make eye contact more than once, and she stared at the floor for long periods of time. Her diatribe was heavily peppered with the phrase “praise God; thank you, Jesus.” It was clear to me your wife suffers from a very severe case of Alzheimer’s, and I understand it causes verbal aggression. However, it’s not appropriate for you to permit her to act like a crusty old cunt toward... More >>>