Something happened to Jean-Pierre Jeunet on the way back from Hollywood. Something . . . gooey. True, his more recent efforts (Amelie, A Very Long Engagement) still include a cockeyed sense of whimsy and a delicious visual style that make them stand out from the art-house pack, yet they're different—different from the films he made with collaborator Marc Caro, prior to his ill-fated 1997 trip to studioville as director of Alien: Resurrection. (Not a total disaster, mind you, but as anyone who's read Joss Whedon's first-draft screenplay knows, it wasn't that film.) The Jeunet/Caro films were deeper, richer, darker fairy tales more akin to the Brothers Grimm than Disney; The City of Lost Children has been available in a decent DVD package for a while, but this week we finally get a special-edition... More >>>