Film festivals like Newport draw the indies, the no-budgets, the starless vehicles, the studio dumps and the subtitled. Many get shot not when the light is absolutely perfect, but when there are no cops around to shut down production for lack of a filming permit. We see the takes that had sound or focus or correctly read lines or the appropriate look on the actor's face or no boom in the shot—but not necessarily all five. Hell, not necessarily any of the five. But that's why we go to these deals, no? We're not here for another slick Hollywood force-feeding. We cut the filmmakers some slack because at least they're saying something, although it's often unclear what the hell that is. And so the following compendium is divided the way it is, with apologies to the late, great indie director Sergio Leone, both for stealing and butchering one of his best-known spaghetti western titles. The Good is just what the name implies. The Sorta Bad is... More >>>