Oxnard can't be that much different from Orange County: big punk scene in the '80s, big box stores and tract homes, big highway pumping cars in and cars out every hour of the day, even a lot of goofy civic pride slogans ("More Than Just a Pretty Name!"). It's here, basically, almost down to the most basic census demographics—central county here, not south county here, though—except that Oxnard is the seat of one of the West Coast's most lauded independent hip-hop communities, and here, despite the best efforts of certain people who work really hard, is a lot of underground elbow room and not a lot of recognition. Short theory: no strong local label to scout/promote/support homegrown hip-hop—though people are trying!—plus not a lot of incentive to push down roots in OC when you can just head north and west and get a lot more action from LA with the same amount of effort. And also no Jackson family—Oxnard got a little bit of a gift with that one, two sons of a '70s soul singer who fit into hip-hop like the Agnews added their own silhouettes to OC punk. If only Frank had rapped:... More >>>