Heavy is such a simple, enduring term, built on certain elemental chords or rhythm patterns but able to expand in as many (and more meaningful) ways as "happy" (the antonym of heavy), all of which tug me toward troubled inarticulate loners who sublimate their neuroses in vintage-amplifier purchases, and all of whom I love as I would blood relatives I had never met. High On Fire are accepted universally—Pluto to Saturn—as a heavy band, as heavy as Black Sabbath—but really more manic—or Metallica—too credible, but lots closer if it's early Metallica—or Motörhead—wilder guitar, crazier lyrics—or Slayer—oh yes, those drums are Slayer—but enjoying instead a heaviness of their own, a considered heaviness that welcomes endless exploration. Much like a tar pit. They are a very... More >>>