It was shaping up to be a good Friday—get-out-of-school-early, Christmas-in-February, summer's-just-around-the-corner good—for Bob Marcel's 8-year-old son. Bob had knocked off from his trucking job early, picked up the kid at lunchtime from his City of Orange elementary school and handed him again the envelope that the boy had found under the tree in December. Santa's name was still on the return address, and a red-and-green certificate was still inside. They were off to Anaheim Stadium, where Bob's wife was waiting after working only a half-day at her office job. They all wanted to be there when they exchanged that red-and-green certificate for four Angels season tickets . . . in fact, when they personally selected the seats where they would all be watching their favorite team during every game of 2006. None of them knew yet that the cheery little piece of... More >>>