For over a decade now, local boys David Siegel and Scott McGehee (both grew up in OC but didn't cross paths until film school) have co-directed a series of films that have sharply divided and often confused critics and audiences alike. Suture, the pair's 1995 debut picture, was an arty head-scratcher of a thriller about two half-brothers whom everybody in the world apparently sees as identical—although we in the audience can't help but notice that one man is black and the other is white. 2001's The Deep End, meanwhile, was an old-fashioned, willfully melodrama women's picture pushed to extremes so bleak they would've made Douglas Sirk go wobbly in the knees. This Monday, Siegel journeys home to OC to present the pair's new drama Bee Season (starring Richard Gere and Juliet Binoche), as part of Orange Coast College's free Visiting Scholars Series. Based on Myla Goldberg's bestselling book, the film concerns a family who are drifting apart as they individually seek something greater than themselves. The Los Angeles Times' Kenneth Turan hailed it as "affecting in ways that movies have all but given up trying to be." My dad, on the other hand, said it was "one of the worst movies I've seen in maybe 20 years. Those people drove me nuts." Critic-splitter Siegel appears an hour before the screening to... More >>>