In a mountaintop castle improbably perched above a sprawling SoCal suburb, a lonesome boy with scissors for hands looks down longingly on the world below. Equal parts Frankenstein's monster and teen pinup, Edwards Scissorhands (Johnny Depp) has lived alone ever since the untimely death of his loving mad scientist creator/papa (Vincent Price). But today Edward's life will change forever, when a well-meaning cosmetics saleslady (Dianne Weist) knocks on his door, takes pity upon him and leads him home to meet her family. As a director, Tim Burton is often so caught up in the design of his pictures that he neglects incidental details like narrative coherency or characters we can actually care about. But Burton, who grew up as a crazy-haired misfit in suburban Burbank, brings a deeply felt, oddball poignancy to this gothic fairytale: it's not hard to look at Edward and imagine the young Burton shyly shuffling across the shag carpets of his neighbors' homes, his gangly limbs knocking Hummel figurines off of well-dusted shelves. Johnny Depp is superb in the lead, perfectly capturing Edward's strange mix of lost puppy vulnerability and otherworldly creepiness. The film works as a romance, as satire . . . and as an unlikely... More >>>