I was among the applicants taking the Census test at the Long Beach Goodwill on PCH. It was a 30-minute, 28-question test, featuring things like alphabetize these files, add these numbers, figure out these directions from looking at this map—all real-world stuff. A passing score was 10 right out of 28 questions. Of the 20 or so applicants, five were retaking it. One of those retesters was a young woman with a do-rag on her head, a soda in her hand and no writing utensil. She was accompanied by two males around her age: One was in baggy sweat pants, and the other was wearing a knit cap with his long hair in an unkempt ponytail. The second guy failed the test. After the testing period was over, the woman began eating sunflower seeds. I would not let people like this past my door after dark to... More >>>