It’s tough out there for your average weekday club-hopper. Tuesdays are especially ripe for restless nights in the darkness of the dance floor. Face it, we’ve all been caught stifling bored sighs at the bar, gazing into a half-melted glass of hooch waiting for a good time that just doesn’t come. Fortunately, a bi-weekly gathering of eclectic local song-selectors at the Continental Room are adding some skillful turntable magic to this dreary day. Fronted by DJs Plann B, Concise, Baby Buba and Analog, GO! Tuesdays offer a fully-loaded sonic sandwich of everything from ‘90s hip-hop to old school Motown. And with a name forceful enough to earn an exclamation point at the end, standing at the rim of the dance floor stirring your drink is not an... More >>>