Fresh off the release of their third studio album"New York City," Brazilian Girls arrive in Orange County to deliver their catchy brand of multi-lingual, inner-city chic. Since their first sonic effort in 2005, vocalist Sabina Scuibba, keyboardist Didi Gutnam and drummer Aaron Johnston have enjoyed a rise in popularity, even performing at last year's Coachella Festival. However, this three-piece of wiry New Yorkers is not the only reason to come to The Grove Friday night. L.A. power-pop duo The Submarines will be there to put a smile on your face with with peace loving, futuristic-hippie vibes. And if you were thinking about arriving fashionably late, don't. Free the Robots, some of the Weekly's favorite turntable maestros, will be sharing a jazz/hip-hop-inspired set of twists, tricks and bomb beats. So plan on doing whatever it is you do in the car before a show just a little bit earlier tonight, because you don't want to miss... More >>>