The North Left is what replaced the Crosby, which closed abruptly earlier this year in the wake of a tragic beating death that occurred outside its doors. But for all intents, the North Left is the same restaurant Phil Nisco, Chris Alfaro and Marc Yamaoka opened some six years ago, even if it doesn't look like it. Yes, the boom boxes are gone, and the tagger graffiti in the restroom has been painted over. And where there were DJ turntables, there's now a couch and an animal-skin rug. It no longer has the vibe of a rebellious teenager's bedroom. Instead, it has embraced a hunting-lodge motif that even your waitress admits is "more grown-up." But look into its eyes and deep into its soul, and you realize the North Left is still the Crosby, the trailblazing restaurant and bar that led the way for others of... More >>>