If I told you that you can have a burger and beer at Eureka! (their exclamation point, not mine), the new restaurant in Huntington Beach's Bella Terra, that'd be enough, wouldn't it? For most people, it would be. If there's an easier food-and-beverage pairing to sell to Americans than burgers and beer, it's beer and pizza. No further details are needed. Still, some of you might be interested to know that Eureka is a growing West Coast chain that has a dozen restaurants so far, from Seattle to San Diego. You should also know they're planning to open a second Orange County outlet across the street from UC Irvine. But because it's in Bella Terra, you may have already deduced the crowd is made up of people just like you, the kind of folks whose ideal night out on the town involves thick burgers and pints of ale, all of it consumed while watching something sporty on flat-screen TVs. You'd also be correct in assuming the inside of the restaurant resembles most new places these days, with lots of concrete; thick, bare wood tables; raised booths; and a fire pit on the outside patio. And on weekend nights, you'll barely hear what the person sitting across... More >>>