If you count forward from Jim Henson's mid-1960s TV appearances with a fringy pup named Rowlf and the lizard, made from an old winter coat, who would later become Kermit the Frog, the Muppets have outlived most of their early puppet peers by more than two generations: You don't see any contemporary movies being built around Topo Gigio or Señor Wences (though that's not to say it couldn't happen). The endurance of the Muppets isn't just the result of the creative skills of Henson and collaborators such as Frank Oz, or of smart business decisions, or of sheer dumb luck. It's simply that the Muppets are just ever-so-slightly, or maybe even totally, mad. Man, woman, child: Who can resist them? Even TV-watching cats are drawn to their frisky hippety-hopping and flutey, gravelly,... More >>>