As you walk into Tabu Burgers & Bites, you see a big, gaudy drawing of a hamburger with a chile relleno hovering in the middle of it. It's a subtle nod that this new burger joint wants to be an indigenous part of SanTana, a reminder that as you made your way here, you passed by three pushcarts selling duros in dangling bags and cut-up fruit dusted with chile powder. More than anything, the illustration foreshadows a menu that favors carnitas over bacon, tortilla chips over fries, and agua frescas over milkshakes. When you are told "Tabu" is a portmanteau of "tamales" and "burgers," it all falls into place (although, seriously, kids? When we hear the name, we still think "scandalous early-aughts nightclub"). This isn't just a "burger restaurant"; it's also a "Latin American restaurant." Tabu's Facebook page describes the place as... More >>>