When I tell you the new Tasty Garden in Irvine has everything, I mean it. You can slurp on turtle soup, eat a Caesar salad, twirl a forkful of spaghetti, chase it with honey-glazed walnut shrimp and a stir-fry of bitter melon, then wash it all down with a smoothie. When you sit down, you're given two menus. One is pink; the other is red. And on these spiral-bound pages, expertly laid out and splashed with food glamour shots, are about 200 things you never knew one kitchen could cook without teleportation devices to other restaurants and a chef who's a little crazy in the head. Tasty Garden is a mini-chain of Hong Kong-style cafés that has become one of the most popular and successful of its genre in San Gabriel Valley (there's also one... More >>>