Have you ever found yourself in a Mexican restaurant saying yes to more complimentary tortilla chips, even after you've polished off three big baskets in a row and a punch bowl's worth of salsa? We did. How could we not? Our waiter at Solita in Huntington Beach kept offering, and we kept obliging him because this wasn't just an ordinary basket of chips. Along with freshly fried tortilla triangles as light as Pringles, there were duros, oil-puffed wagon wheels of crunchiness that are a cross between Funyuns and Asian shrimp crackers. Do you know of any other restaurant that offers duros? I don't. I haven't even seen them at SOL Cocina, Deborah Schneider's first OC Mexican joint. So once we started munching on the airy hoops, licking our fingers of their grease, dunking them in the three kinds of salsa supplied to us, we decided we needed to keep the duros coming. And at Solita, the... More >>>