Last year, country rock stalwart Dwight Yoakam put out 3 Pears, a beast of an album—yeah, Kid Rock was on it, but so was Beck. And the Beck-produced “A Heart Like Mine” is practically a Dils song, all ringing hollowbody guitar and amplifier fuzz and not one tiny bit of country-pop cheese. From there, it’s the kind of record you can call “solid” and be completely correct, since this is strong enough for a person to live in. Yoakam works in soul, rock ‘n’ roll, Springsteen-style dude-Americana and more, and although there’s nothing that quite touches that stratospheric Beck rocker, this is a major-label country LP that does Yoakam and genre tradition proud. Sometimes there’s nothing better you can do then go back to... More >>>