Though its Open Table page says Selanne Steak Tavern's dress code is casual, you'd feel severely underdressed in anything less than a collared shirt or the latest couture. Despite being called a tavern, the restaurant is not one, nor is it a sports bar. If you didn't know Anaheim Ducks legend Teemu Selanne owned it, you'd assume it's merely the latest place where the Laguna Beach elite gather to drop a hundred or so bucks on dinner. There is, in fact, no obvious Ducks memorabilia on the walls, and no jerseyed fans sit at the bar. Selanne's presence is limited to his very florid signature, which exists only on the sign outside and on the printed bar napkins. What you curious hockey fans should know is this: The restaurant is nothing less than one of the fanciest, most expensive places to eat in Laguna Beach right now. Weekend reservations need to be secured at least... More >>>