If you've been to your share of sushi bars, White Wasabi Sushi + Beer will resemble most of them. Take the floor plan of a random neighborhood joint, then overlay it on top of White Wasabi's, and chances are good they'd line up perfectly. There's only so much a sushi-restaurant designer can do with a room when he's given the usual rectangle of space in a supermarket-anchored shopping center to work with. White Wasabi, as with so many others, is located in one. So when you walk in, you aren't surprised to see the bar butted up against the wall to the left, the tables to the right and the restrooms in the back. Apart from the exposed air ducts that zigzag the ceiling, you notice nothing distinctive here, except maybe the blackboard that wraps itself above the bar like a headband. To give a sense of immediacy, the entire menu has been scribbled in chalk. It's only when you flip through the printed menu that you realize White Wasabi isn't like the last place from which you ordered a... More >>>