Traipsing around neighborhoods collecting mini candy bars is all well and good—but imagine instead of middle class tract homes, you got to flit across a group of gourmet food trucks! (We think we've had this dream before.) The OC Fairgrounds' weekly Food Truck Fare After Dark gets in the holiday spirit with Halloween Foodtacular, a gathering of food trucks, "ghoulish" music, adult beverages and trick-or-treating for the kids. Trucks scheduled to dish out treats include Burger Monster, The Burnt Truck, Chomp Chomp Nation, Dogzilla, The Lime Truck, Ragin Cajun, Seabirds, Soho Taco and Waffle-icious. Show off your family-friendly costume and indulge on Singapore Sling Wings, Ahi Tuna Poke Nachos, and Fluffernutter Waffles. The usual Halloween candy won't stand a chance—especially that chalky packet of... More >>>