Operating as a well-dressed, two-man wrecking crew, legendary Hollywood director Oliver Stone and American University professor Peter Kuznick visited UC Irvine last weekend with an impassioned call for citizens to reject the conventional, rah-rah version of U.S. history. The idea that our nation is a benevolent superpower dedicated chiefly to spreading liberty around the globe as well as freedom at home is, Stone and Kuznick insist, deceitful propaganda. They say that since the dropping of atomic bombs on hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians during World War II to present-day U.S. military drone strikes that kill women and children in the Middle East, our government has far too often been a case study not just in corruption, but also evil. They argue that we're not the world's ethics-driven policemen we like to think we are, but instead the planet's myopic, trigger-happy,... More >>>