The kitchen makes a fabulous Reuben at C4, the new deli opened by Jeff Jensen and Jeff Hall, the guys who gave us the equally fabulous Chapter One: The Modern Local across the street in downtown Santa Ana. C4 is ingeniously subtitled "The Cure for the Common," and the sandwich is the cure for the common Reuben. It features a marbled rye, those two-toned beauties evocative of Shamu or a hot fudge sundae that you rarely see anyone use for sandwiches anymore. More impressive than that: The staff cure their own pastrami. Other sandwiches are stuffed with the house-cured corned beef. Hot dogs and brats are made with responsibly farmed pigs and again, done in-house. This is what makes C4 special and an actual deli, a term too often squandered on places that are really just sandwich... More >>>