Chicago’s Outer Minds do the '60s like the '80s did the '60s—or even like the '00s did the '60s with bands like the Deadly Snakes and Reigning Sound, whose revved-up songs proved that you could listen to 45s by Love and the Turtles right after 45s by punkers like the Pagans and the Shit Dogs and it’d somehow make your band more awesome. (In that same go-for-broke spirit, Outer Minds definitely aren’t shy about hammering on their organ.) So back in the '80s, Outer Minds would've been right at home on a label like Voxx and on a bill with the Pandoras. But since it’s 2013, their most recent LP is on South Paw and they’re right at home on bills with similar everything-new-is-old-again outfits like Black Apples or Dante Vs. Zombies, who are opening for them at... More >>>