You won't see any English signage to indicate you've found Gyutan Tsukasa or any warning that what you're about to eat is beef tongue. If you're unfamiliar with it and don't know it's from Sendai, Japan—one of the first beef tongue specialists from that region to come stateside—you would only be able to deduce that this newest stall at Costa Mesa's Mitsuwa Marketplace food court cooks some sort of barbecue. All but a few of the paper and cloth banners hung, taped and plastered on it are scrawled in drippy Japanese script. The only English is seen on a set of three paper scraps glued under the "Open" sign. What it says—"beautiful skin," "healthy" and "collagen"—reads like the worst possible clues to a riddle you never asked to solve. These, for the record, are the purported medical benefits of... More >>>