If Jeff LeTourneau decided to retire from politics today, his place in Orange County progressive history would not only be secure, but he'd also be one of its titans. The 56-year-old Chicago native has been in the trenches longer and harder than just about anyone, arriving in Buena Park in 1982 as a Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union (HERE) man to try to organize Knott's Berry Farm workers, joining in the successful strike at the Disneyland Hotel in the late 1980s, fighting to humanize AIDS at a time when many county residents considered it a biblical plague, and reporting for duty for nearly every progressive campaign to hit OC in the past 30 years. And his most lasting legacy, of course, has been in the struggle for LGBT rights, a fight that has seen LeTourneau get beaten up by cops and conservative goons alike (most memorably, he was told, "Shut up, fag!" by the wife of then-congressman Bob Dornan during a town-hall meeting), while helping to transform the county from an intolerable place for homosexuals to a region where LGBT activism is more... More >>>