For Dinah Cancer, becoming the front woman of 45 Grave in 1979 represented the scratching of multiple itches. Not only did it mean a chance to sing lead (making good use of her love for the Ramones, Kiss, Alice Cooper and the Runaways), but it also meant an excellent opportunity to play up her Suspiria-loving "gore hound" side by dressing in Halloween-ish outfits. For 45 Grave's inaugural show on Sept. 1 of that year at the now-defunct Hong Kong Cafe in Los Angeles, the vocalist born Mary Sims decked herself out as a dead schoolgirl. When the group noticed how the Damned's Dave Vanian asserted his horror-inspired look, they were seriously motivated to do the same. "We started out as a normal punk band, but then we started embracing the dark light, and everyone turned into vampires," says the especially genial and warm Cancer, laughing. "We kind of rolled with it. We were in our early 20s, so we were... More >>>