You're on the 241, heading as far east as you can go before hitting the Cleveland National Forest. The LA radio station you're tuned to begins to crackle with static. You look at your navigation system and realize you're now geographically closer to Lake Elsinore than you are to Disneyland—yet you're still in Orange County. A sign you pass says you're now entering Rancho Santa Margarita, a town most of us have no reason to venture to unless you live there or have business to conduct in one of those blocky buildings that undoubtedly came from the same set of architectural plans. You exit, turn a corner, and then find yourself on El Paseo, a street that quickly narrows and meanders through a sprawling, master-planned shopping center in which you encounter a Bed Bath & Beyond, that outpost of Brüxie you've read about, and another outlet of the ubiquitous Mi Casa Mexican restaurant. But somehow you still feel... More >>>