For an enterprising band with a Facebook account, maximizing the value of the "Genre" category is a fast and handy way of announcing your character. Most groups use the space for basic sonic descriptions (e.g., rock, hip-hop, etc.), if they even fill out the field at all. Others will get more inventive, leaning toward funny, poignant or provocative in detailing their approach or work. As of this writing, the Melvins' genre is "good," Danny Brown's is "prog rap" and Reptar's is "disco dust," while Baths identifies as a smiley face flanked by hearts. Pacific Air, a San Diego band composed of 23-year-old Ryan Lawhon and his 20-year-old brother, Taylor, call themselves "POP," complete with loud, proud capitalization. "There are so many artists out there who like to label themselves as some obscure genre to try to gain some type of credibility, but a part of what we're doing [is] just writing pop songs," says Ryan. "We're not trying to experiment with anything that's never been done before or really... More >>>