Mitt Romney's epic failed run for the presidency last week is still being dissected as I type these words and will likely continue in the weeks and months ahead, as the angry finger-pointing about who is to blame rips apart the GOP. While I sit back and enjoy that cavalcade of recrimination, the Republican Party would do well to adopt the philosophy at the heart of "ex•pose: macha suzuki," now on exhibition at Laguna Art Museum. Built around the theme that failure isn't an end, but a gateway to growth, character-building and regrouping, Suzuki's work is generous, child-like and a lot of fun. Guaranteed to put a grin on your face, the work is curated with immaculate taste and a thorough, insightful series of interviews and biographical material by Grace Kook-Anderson. It's impossible to not embrace the gentle spirit of Suzuki's work (or fail to... More >>>