Jack Grisham is the renaissance man from Hell—did Orson Welles ever surf? Or bust heads before and/or during a T.S.O.L. show? His punk credentials were established forever on the first few seconds of the original T.S.O.L. EP and stories about the man—and his capacity for chaos—are locally legendary. (Something about a parking berm...used for something very unlike parking.) But publication of his semi-memoiristic novel American Demon last year proved he could deliver more than just his own particular kind of crowd control, and also put the actual stories as told by Grisham into print and punk-noir history both. Tonight, he leads a band mixing T.S.O.L. songs with selections from his post-T.S.O.L. group the Joykiller. And he’ll probably be generating a new chapter for his next... More >>>