In case you missed the tree reference in their name, Anaheim fuzz rock band Douglas and the Furs play a brand of retro fuzz rock that's steadily branching out into OC's underground music scene. The sound is rooted in the band's fascination with Big Muff distortion and pale demigod Jack White. Guitarist Douglas McCurdy, drummer/vocalist John Shively and bassist Jared Henderson took their appreciation of these influences to new heights last week when they pulled off a guerrilla-style show on the roof of the parking garage behind the Wiltern on the second night of White's two-night stint in LA. Delivering a gut-wrenching salvo of whammy-bar assaults and bare-bones rhythms, the homegrown power trio manage to throw a dirty wrench in the psych-rock status quo. We cornered them the week before they were set to launch a June residency at the Commonwealth... More >>>