Washed Out might be the most perfect band name ever. In two simple words, it captures the gist of Ernest Greene's music. Bright, explosive hues could have easily ruled his synth-driven pop, but he takes a different tack, toning down his songs by immersing them in liquidlike reverb. His sound is wrapped in a chewed-up, low-key feel that turns sunny melodies blurry and ambient. All those muted hues give it a sense of sleepy, distant nostalgia. Washed Out is such a fitting name, in fact, that if you added "pop" right after it, the phrase could be a good substitute for chill wave, the blog-bred subgenre Washed Out and contemporaries such as Neon Indian, Small Black, and Toro Y Moi have been linked to since late 2009. But whether or not it emerged as part of a trend, Greene's... More >>>