Louis Jones doesn't have much to complain about. As the 22-year-old in charge of Spectrals—another entry into the long line of bedroom-projects-gone-indie-buzz-bands—this isn't necessarily a good thing. "I don't have any problems in my life," he says. "I don't face any great injustice. I'm not interested in politics." Still, Jones does have one creative well—a relationship that went sour, and then set itself right—that he plans on drawing from for as long as possible. "The only thing I'm interested in doing is writing love songs," says the reserved front man, who comes from Heckmondwike, a small town near Leeds, England. "It might sound kind of strange, but if there's going to be any value in Spectrals at all, then people need to know that I can't write about anything else. It would be stupid of me to try, really, because then it would come... More >>>