Who was Cab Calloway? No? Okay, an easier one. John Birks Gillespie’s nickname? What?! You cannot be serious! Okay, a gimme, as we don’t wanna get all Down Beat (rim shot) about this: “Satchmo” mean anything to you? If you’re now nodding like a Metronome (rim shot redux) and grinning like the man himself, the return of the Saddleback Big Band may be enough to get you out the door and cutting the rug. Talented youngsters from the school dance department show you just how to do it. As bopping to 1940s swing music is thirsty work, there’ll be plenty of beer and wine, with appetizers—and for those strictly soaking up the suds and sounds, there’s terrace seating. Stars above you, future stars on the bandstand and dance... More >>>