The doobie brothers are back, though wildly diverging lifestyle choices have left the best bud-loving buds all but estranged. Harold (John Cho) continues his ascent at his Wall Street firm, returning each night to his suburban nest, where wife Maria (Paula Garcés) greets him with a demand for baby-making sex. Med-school dropout Kumar (Kal Penn), smarting from his breakup with Vanessa (Danneel Harris), lives in his own filth, blazing while watching reruns and scarfing down waffles. (Penn’s noticeably carbed-out appearance—and his job in the White House—is referred to in the film’s mostly-miss meta jokes.) Christmas is just a few days away, further highlighting how much the two have grown apart: Harold is consumed with pleasing Maria’s Yuletide-worshipping father (Danny Trejo); Kumar has nothing better to do than accompany the cretin who lives across the hall to a party where he has been promised the opportunity to deflower a virgin. A monster joint and a quest to replace a perfect fir tree in Harold’s living... More >>>