Most Halloween aficionados have strict rituals in preparation for the actual night of All Hallows' Eve. Some nighthawks like to egg houses and pelt cars with shaving cream. Others like to rig up their homes with speakers, blaring electrified zombie growls. And a few like to channel the dead with a Ouija board, trying to tap into the spirit world. So if you're someone looking for a slightly less-strange but festive tradition, then head down to the Bay Theatre for the screening of Sleepy Hollow. You can bring a date (fear is an aphrodisiac better than oysters) to hold onto as a headless horseman decapitates Puritans in search for his missing cabeza. Plus, the movie stars Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci‚ it's creepy, dark, and directed by Tim Burton. It's almost Halloween, SoCal—time to... More >>>