Ripped (sort of) from the headlines of this very alternative weekly arrives a fictional drama version of a case much like one ruled on by the Ninth Circuit that we’re hoping plays next at the Supreme Court: Young “Troubled” Right-Wing Religious Male High Schooler v. Smart-Alec Liberal Lady Secular Science Teacher. Playwright Catherine Trieschmann seems to push all the buttons, pathos and politics-wise, in How the World Began, her new play set in a tornado-stricken small town in Kansas with a new big-city teacher stepping on faith-based toes. Happily, the whole thing still resembles plenty of our own contribution to hellmouth conservative activism courtesy of Mission Viejo’s own Chad Farnan, plaintiff for Advocates for Faith and Freedom, who sued his naughty AP European History teacher, Dr. James “When you put on your Jesus glasses, you can’t see the truth” Corbett (see OCW archives). Bring along your mega-church, fundamentalist, Tea Party pals. While you enjoy the play, they can picket outside. I don’t think we’re at Capo Valley High... More >>>