When one thinks of the world’s best nightlife cities, places like Berlin or Ibiza invariably come to mind, but who knew that Melbourne, Australia was a hub of erotic, coked-out nu-disco? The coastal city is home to Cut Copy, a quartet that basks in the sugar-rush pleasures of '80s synth-pop—and then there’s Miami Horror. Taking his cues from bands both American (Ford & Lopatin) and European (Simian Mobile Disco), shaggy producer Benjamin Plant makes retro-futuristic Italo disco. His debut EP, 2008’s Bravado, was full of boxy ’80s synths and endlessly addictive grooves. 2010's Illumination was another breezy trance-pop exercise—so check out Plant and company as the group graces Detroit's stage this week before heading off to... More >>>