Before the days of quick and easy blogging, there was Rob Fleming. Rob, the audiophile main character of Nick Hornby’s 1995 novel, organizes his chaotic life by creating lists. They range from common (five dream jobs) to specific (five best track-one side-one songs) to damn-right truthful (five bands or musicians who will have to be killed come the musical revolution: bye-bye Genesis). The one list that strings through the entire story, however, is his five most memorable relationship break-ups (in chronological order). Rob battles his way through his record of love lost by tracking down old flames after losing his last girlfriend, Laura. Using his list as a guide, he dives hilariously into the chaos of his love life and explores why he, in his mind, is destined to be left. It leaves us all wondering: Do we listen to pop music because we’re miserable? Or are we miserable because we listen to pop... More >>>