An appropriate and common response to being served a schnitzel plate at Barth's is to gasp and exclaim, "Oh, my God!" The picture menus will leave you unprepared for the behemoth you just ordered. The acreage of this pounded-thin, butter-fried piece of breaded meat equals the area of a medium pizza. You'll marvel at the expanse; there isn't any part of a pig or a chicken that could be stretched this wide or this thin—or is there? It's an unreasonable amount of food made even more ridiculous when you realize the plate includes two sides. Show me a person able to polish off this dish on his own, and I'll show you not a man, but a remorseless eating machine. To-go boxes are inevitable. It is, therefore, wiser to share . . . unless you plan on taking on the so-called "Schnitzel Challenge," which, to my knowledge,... More >>>