Have you ever had a sweet-potato latte? At Seventh Home Coffee & Tea House in Buena Park, you can sip it either hot or iced. I suggest iced. One part milk and two parts sweet-potato puree, this isn't so much a drink as it is a meal you suck through a straw. Thick as a vanilla milkshake, the flavor is as starchy as it's sweet and milky. Think of it as a Thanksgiving side dish whirred to the consistency of baby food and poured over ice in a pilsner glass. It's delicious, by the way, but also supremely filling; long-distance runners and competitive swimmers might wish to note that here is their perfect fuel. Every sip you take displaces one bite of food you won't need later. Koreans regard the wholly nutritious concoction with the same fondness Americans do malts and the Taiwanese boba milk teas, and this one has the... More >>>