Zodiac Daughter Debunked!

Hats off to Steve Huff of the True Crime Report for apparently being the first journalist to do anything other than simply regurgitate the bizarre, better-late-than-never claims by Deborah Perez that her adoptive, deceased dad, Guy Ward Hendrickson was actually the infamous Zodiac killer. As Huff reports on his website, the problem isn't just that Perez has no proof for her claim, nor that it makes so little sense that it strains credibility on its very face--daddy brought her along as he committed the crimes and she forgot about it until decades later? Sure, happens all the time. Nor is the problem that Perez' lawyer, who helped arrange Perez' circus-like San Francisco press conference, is Kevin McLean, who was recently disbarred for 10 counts of professional misconduct.

No, the problem is that this isn't the first time that Perez has come forward with sensational claims about her childhood. Her previous story? She's actually the illegitimate daughter of President John F. Kennedy. Imagine that. Here's what Huff reports that Chris Sorenson, the former mayor of Carona, California, recently told him about Perez and JFK:

"In a conversation she began with Sorensen at the office around closing time, Perez went into a "diatribe" describing her memories of the Kennedy compound. She even told Chris Sorensen that she had memories of being with Robert Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel where he was assassinated. Sorensen says Perez took a half-hour to tell him all about her relationship with the Kennedy family. Basically, she told him the same story that prompted true crime author Phelps to not pursue the Zodiac angle any further.

As Huff concludes, Sorensen wrote Perez "off as a kook" and like Huff himself, could hardly believe "how legitimate news agencies could run with this story without doing any background checking into the source."

As far as we know none of this information has shown up in any of the mainstream newspapers or media outlets that covered Perez' press conference. Meanwhile, the hunt for the real killer goes on...


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