Zack and Miri Lose a Title

You can understand ABC Family, Radio Disney and the Christian Science Monitor lopping off the second half of the title to Kevin Smith's new dramatic comedy or comedic drama Zack and Miri Make a Porno. It doesn't make it any more right, but you can understand it.

But for it to be done by Comedy Central, a supposedly edgy network that is home to South Park, The Sarah Silverman Program and formerly That's My Bush? It just happened during a commercial break for The Daily Show, with the film's title given only at the end, and only as Zack and Miri.

Apparently, director Smith and the Weinstein Co. have had not only the title but any advertising at all rejected by newspapers, TV stations and billboard companies because of the plot, which has Seth Rogan's character and Elizabeth Banks' character making an adult film out of economic desperation. Surely no couples are facing that right now.

Patrick T. Reardon in the Chicago Tribune previously wrote about the double standard facing Smith as theater owners, commercial buyers and outdoor advertising firms had no problem with the titles to Octopussy, Amy's Orgasm and Meet the Fockers, among others.

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